Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes you just need quick answers to your questions. We understand. Here you will find answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Have Questions About Our Program?

Absolutely! Depending on your needs, we write copy that is lively, fresh and engaging—AND attracts web traffic to your business.
We will work with you until you do.
Yes, proofreading is included in the copyediting rate.
We do not use a “bank” of generic stories from which we pull content. Instead, each piece of copy is created specifically for you after we discuss your unique needs and goals.
It might be! Depending on the time of your request, it might be possible to turn a request around within a few hours.
Of course! Our best work is born of the great relationships we have built with our clients. Chatting before, during and after the project is perfectly fine.
During our initial chat, we will get an understanding of your goals, but we also want to know who YOU are so we can make sure your voice, tone and style carry over into the content.
The more words you ask us to write or edit, the less expensive the project will be for you. Please check our rates page to see what level of service works out best for you.
Just as each client is unique, each project has its own challenges and desired outcomes. When you contact us to talk about your request, we can discuss a turnaround time with you. We will work as fast as possible without compromising the excellence of the product.
Your imagination is the limit. You can order articles, blog posts, newsletters, promotional materials and website content. We write copy for pamphlets, brochures and educational materials.
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